Paola Rossato is an italian singer-songwriter.

She has received awards in national singer-songwriters competitions, such as “Premio Bianca d’Aponte”, “Botteghe d’autore”, “Premio Lunezia” and many others.

Many of her songs are collected in her first album, “Facile”, finalist at the Targa Tenco and awarded by M.E.I. as best female debut album of 2018.

The songs are about different topics: you can let yourself lulled by the wind in “A volo lento” in the summer nights’ peace; you can celebrate the time you dedicate to take care of yourself (“Il mio tempo perfetto”); you can reflect on the high pressures at work (“Non dormo”), you can be amazed by the incongruity of a flower with the barcode; you realize that it’s easier to avoid problems instead of facing them (“Facile”), you can take all the time you need just to… be! listening at “Che oggi no”.

Paola’s concerts are emotional journeys that make you dream, think and enjoy.

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